Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meditating around the World (video); Wisdom Quarterly; Occupy a Meditation Cushion Anywhere
() A glimpse of a beautiful gathering known as a MedMob -- spreading across the country and around the world -- with a magical surprise ending!

Med Mob's intention is to create an environment for people of all religions, all worldviews, and all experience-levels to join in meditation. This means inspiring worldwide meditations until the entire world has been invited to join in.

The meditation is a simple, silent, one-hour sitting followed by an 11 minute "sound bath.” Join for all or part of it, or simply hang out and bask in the peace. Bring a deep intention for yourself, a community, and the planet.

Boulder sound bath at Minute 0:50 (Elephant Journal)

The Sound Bath
After an hour of silent meditation [coming into and staying in the present moment where there is no resistance to what is and no hankering for something else, but joy in accepting and developing], each Med Mob (meditation group) comes together for an 11 minute activity, the "sound bath.”

Meditators use Om, Ong, God, Allah, Ma, Yeah, or any other resonant sound or mantra. This is the super fun, impactful, amazing part of a MedMob!

() A mob walks into a downtown
Washington, DC
bookstore and starts chanting OM.

"Give meditation a try because it's not what you think."

Med Mob is so confident that meditation improves the world that they have created a giant worldwide meditation community for everyone to experience the joy of discovery. The social environment is changing giving us the opportunity to create a world we can be proud of.
It works in any city (Sankalpa Yoga) anywhere (Yogi Goddess)

Where do I sit?

See map: Zoom into a nearby location, click on the bubble, and find a Facebook page for that city. Or start a Med Mob in your city (

A "flash mob" is a large group of people meeting in a crowded public place for the purpose of engaging in a coordinated, unexpected, inspiring activity.

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