Monday, February 27, 2012

What will Monsanto do to the planet?; Laura Murphy, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
A little Roundup goes a long way to destroying Earth. Just ask Lt. Pike as he sprays.

It is amazing to learn what Monanto, Inc. is doing to the planet. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the USDA's lack of action on behalf of citizens while serving corporations no matter how much harm they cause.

But the USDA now says it is accepting feedback until today (Feb. 27, 2012) on a new chemical called 2,4-d. It is a super toxin being considered for DEREGULATION for the benefit of Dow Chemical and Monsanto. Never mind that it will poison us, bees, frogs, birds, the water table, and living beings far from the fields being sprayed.

My letter will be this (cut and paste and submit it by going into the article and using the "submit comment" link):

Please REGULATE the ability of Dow and Monsanto to produce and distribute toxins such as Roundup and 2,4-d. For the benefit of those who eat, please RESTRICT their ability to patent crops immune to poisons. Corporate greed is destroying our health, nature as we know it, small farmers, and parts of the developing world exposed to their sales and litigation practices. I urge you to extensively research the effects these environmentally-degrading practices make before even considering deregulating or granting them more powers than they already enjoy. Profit is no excuse to wield such power when we all suffer for it when multinational corporations externalize the environmental hazards and health effects of their products. They are growing rich by DESTROYING the Earth as we watch it happen and experience the detrimental health effects. We do not own the world and hand it down; we borrow it from the future. Dow and Monsanto do not clean up the messes they have already made, such as the cross-pollinating contamination of organic crops. To deregulate these companies is to degrade LIFE. The blank checks given away as "corporate welfare" to billion-dollar companies is ruining our economy. And their chemical contaminants are ruining our world. Regulate Roundup and new generations of worse chemicals (such as 2,4-d).

What did Monsanto ever do?
Monsanto produces the deadly herbicide Roundup and 90% of the world's GMO seeds. Over its 111-year history monstrous Monsanto Co. (MON.N) has devolved from an industrial chemical giant into strictly an agricultural products company with $2 billion in profits in 2009, cut by half in 2012 because activists exposed its tactic of suing farmers whose crops it had contaminated for patent infringement. The pollen from Monsanto seeds drifted onto their fields, and the dangerous DNA lab modifications in the plants harmed the farmers. Farmers should have sued Monsanto for ruining their plants, seeds, and fields. But instead Monsanto figured out a way to successfully sue and bankrupt them with teams of corporate lawyers.

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