Sunday, February 5, 2012

Occupy the Super Bowl (video)

Wisdom Quarterly

What is American football symbolic of? According to Jean Houston, the game is 11 young heroes guiding the sacred egg through the womb of the goal posts while ersatz virgins cheer them on ecstatically. This year the Occupy Movement will remind the 1% and the global TV -viewing population that we are still here and Wall Street bankers are still exerting undue influence on our political systems. What influence? "Right to work" legislation has one purpose and one purpose alone -- to destroy unions.

The protests continue

Occupy protesters hope to grab a share of the Super Bowl 2012 spotlight. Demonstrations to include march against "right to work" legislation. Super Bowl XLVI is bringing tens of thousands of football fans to Indianapolis, but it is also attracting a collection of protest groups. The Occupy movement, known for its protests against Wall Street, will take over the south lawn of the Statehouse... More

Occupy Oakland (rare 2012 footage) MORE

(Homer1co) After a prolonged battle with NFL management, unionized players have a lot of nerve playing in a state that is going to deny labor rights to workers. That makes NFL players scabs or hypocrites. Should we boycott the NFL until they get their head back in the fresh air and out of...? All union-member NFL might consider doing the same. The NFL players' union should be the one to call for a Superbowl strike but it is the 99%. Without the union NFL players would not be where they are today. More

As Indiana pressed forward to pass the (Doublespeak) "Right to Work" bill, Gigguy Warner and his fellow tradesman have something to say about it. This bogus bill is wrong, and senators need to hear our voice as unionized workers. The round is lost but the fight is not over!

What is Obama doing taxing the rich at a level close to Clinton and destroying unions?

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