Monday, February 13, 2012

Why was US President Lincoln killed?

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial after midnight in Washington, DC. Feb. 12th is the anniversary of the birth of America's Republican Civil War president, who rejected the European bankers who wanted to steer the nation into endless debt by printing promissory notes instead of real money and freed the slaves. He failed but not for lack of trying. And so we find ourselves enslaved (Jason Reed/Reuters).

Why was Honest Abe left out in the cold?
(CSM) Abraham Lincoln may be the greatest of all US presidents. He ended slavery, won the Civil War, and ensured that the United States would remain united in the modern world. His face is printed on the five-dollar bill and stamped on the penny..... But Lincoln’s Birthday on Feb. 12 is not a national holiday, and it never has been. Nor is Lincoln officially remembered on a federal President’s Day in late February. More

Why assassination?

He was killed by the banks for the banks? It is hard to say. Certainly he was not killed by a lone assassin with no agenda as we are taught so as to dismiss the issue without too many questions.

Many regard Lincoln as a great man who cared about enslaved blacks. But when he in fact cared about was the economic advantage of those states who kept slaves over those in the north who freed them. To have allowed some to keep and abuse free labor would have given them an advantage too great to overcome by honest labor.

Little mention is made of his homosexuality (he was the original Log Cabin Republican), his crippling disease, his mild hypocrisy, or all that he was up against. All of that is erased, and Republicans hail him and Hollywood's Ronald Reagan as great examples of what the GOP is capable of giving the country. What's next, a Mormon prophecy?

According to Sean David Morton, European bankers were not about to lose out on the countless millions to be made by setting up a private bank ("The Federal Reserve" corporation) and getting paid to print money so that the country goes into debt the moment each greenback is minted. Strong banking families aboard the doomed Titanic were not going to stand for it either. Neither Lincoln nor those banking families, effectively removed from the picture, were able to stop the banks.

February is Black History Month

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