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Hitler had a son (photos, video)

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Did Eva Braun know? Hitler purportedly fathered Jean-Marie Loret (shown below) in 1917 with a 16-year-old French girl name Charlotte Loret (

Hitler had a baby, a French "love child"
NAZI war criminal Adolf Hitler had a son with a French girl, 16-year-old Charlotte Lobjoie. He was a soldier in the German Army at the time and a sensitive artist. Their son's name was Jean-Marie Loret, who knew all along. He died in 1985 after joining the French Resistance fighting German forces led by his father. Karma and rebirth are strange that way. Jean-Maire wrote about who his father was in his autobiography, which will not be republished as evidence mounts of his NAZI parentage as outlined in the French Le Point magazine. With a passionate young mother and a dysfunctional frustrated-artist father, we speculate that Jean-Marie might have been somewhat Emo in appearance as a teenager (as shown here). Mainstream media's MSNBC has the whole story.

Artist, soldier, architect Hitler had a French girlfriend

According to Le Point young corporal Hitler, while fighting in World War I in 1914, met Charlotte Lobjoie, 16. She and the local girls in Fournes-en-Weppe, where the future-Fuhrer was stationed, used to see Hitler drawing pictures in the street. She was chosen to go over and ask him what he was doing. The two hit it off in June of 1917, and she gave birth in March of 1918 to their son, Jean-Marie.
The Secret Society and NAZI UFOs
The extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious Maria Orsitsch, the "oracle" (deleted from Wikipedia) at the center of the Vril Secret Society helped NAZIs build UFOs. How? She and the Vril (Vri-il Gesellschaft) women were channeling Nordic extraterrestrials (Freyja or beings from Aldebaran), writing in Sumerian ("Nazi" is the name of a Sumerian god/ET), and providing Thule Society engineers with the scientific plans for advanced flying crafts (and a time-traveling bell known as Die Glocke) that reached the Moon from launch sites in the Antarctic. This is well known in scholarly circles but certainly "nonsense" to the general public. European programming has capitalized on such stories with the popular scifi comedy "Iron Sky." The NAZIs neither lost the war nor left us. They metamorphosed into NASA, Mi6, the CIA, other spying agencies and arms manufacturers around the world, and the Bush Dynasty (through Prescott Bush). Their military-industrial complex means of organization, otherworldly technology, and plans for worldwide domination ("full spectrum dominance") are in full swing while we are kept in the dark.

Son (R) from video framegrab (DailyMotion/France 3)

Iron Sky: NAZIs in Space

Free Energy, NAZI Moon Base
() Iron Sky, the scifi comedy from the creators of Star Wreck, becomes a movie. The pre-production teaser had no footage, but newer teasers do.

Vril psychics were fed extraterrestrial free-energy physics technology

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