Friday, February 24, 2012

Syria's M.I.C. in Homs (video); Wisdom Quarterly
Pres. Al-Assad (L) claims to have no control over his military with Barbara Walters.

HOMS, Syria - President Bashar Al-Assad will not let up. While Damascus is not being bombed, the city of Homs is under relentless bombardment by Syria's police and paramilitary forces.

Syrian soldiers are killing Syrian civilians -- just as all police and soldiers are trained to do. This modern-day suburban combat is what militaries all over the world have been practicing for, not simplyl in the Middle East, for more than a decade.

Why? It is because most "developed" countries are related to the American-British Military-Industrial Complex, which calls for war. The MIC rules the world by monetary means but gladly resorts to imperial force when necessary. The only opposition comes from individuals under attack, and the MIC is only too happy to oblige them by meeting them tit for tat using overwhelming force and draconian measures.

Syria on Fire: Homs Bombardment
Found some good footage of an English reporter embedded with Free Syrian Rebels. Edited out everthing except the pure combat chaos on the ground.

Wounded British photographer pleads for help
Paul Conroy was injured in Homs by the same attack as killed the American reporter and the French photographer his wounds look like they have been well treated.
Journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik killed
Journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik are killed in Homs. This SOS message from Khaled Abu Salah translates as: “These are the bodies of the American journalist Marie Colvin and this is the French journalist..."
Massacred Children of Homs, Syria... (GRAPHIC)
This extremely graphic video shows the massacre of children in Homs, Syria. Are video journalists in Syria "spreaders of propaganda"? Are innocent civilians in Homs "Taliban supported"? That is what the Syrian military rulers would like the world to wonder as the world pauses.

 Massacred Children of Homs, Syria..   (GRAPHIC) Syria on Fire: Homs Bombardment

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