Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warning from America's Lost Tribes (video)

Urban shaman Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly;
In the last decade this uncontacted Amazon tribe brought the issue to the world, but it is actually the Kogi tribe of Colombia who have a warning for the world.
From the Heart of the World: The Kogis' WARNING
Global Spirit's Phil Cousineau speaks with BBC filmmaker Alan Ereira about his beautiful, sobering documentary: From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning. Watch the prophesy of the uncontacted Kogi tribe here:

() Lost Atlantean civilization in the Columbian mountains

This poignant film carries a strong warning from a remote South American tribe that cautions us, the “younger brothers,” to give up our self-destructive ways and honor the planet before it is too late.

After four centuries of seclusion, the Kogi, considered to be the last surviving pre-Colombian civilization, asked filmmaker Ereira to visit their homeland in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern Colombia.

This film delivers their prophetic message to the industrialized world. Seeing themselves as guardians of life on Earth, the Kogi have a profound spiritual understanding of the bond between humankind and the natural world -- a bond that, they insist, must be respected.

This powerful film stands as an especially cogent and moving plea for ecological wisdom.

Native Americans warn of the End of the World

Lakota Medicine Man talks about shamanic visions of the end of the world. Modern humans have lived on this planet for thousands of years. But in the last 100, we [misled by inimical fallen extraterrestrials] have acted like parasites who take and take without giving back. Finally the host, Mother Earth, must react to kill off the parasitic invasion. But those who survive become holistic, learning to live in balance and harmony with one another and Mother Earth, giving back just as they take.

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