Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dark World of Sex Addiction (video)

Wisdom Quarterly
() WARNING: Christian evangelism begins at Minute 8:10

Women suffer from sex addiction (love addiction, intimacy disorder), too. While more men may be stuck in an uncontrollable compulsion to view Internet pornography, which spins out of control to significantly affect other parts of their lives, women are not immune from the condition. This is a candid interview with two women on topics covering anonymous sex, substance issues, molestation, incest, and early childhood trauma.

VIDEO: Sex Addicts' Dark World (ABC News)

It exposes the carnage of early abuse on survivors who have struggled with the carnage of having been traumatized as children (molested at a young age) showing how they coped and ultimately triumphed. This segment is from the documentary "Sex the New Millennium Drug," a film by Greg Brown that is aimed at promoting the notion that conversion to Christianity is a magic pill that resolves all issues. Addiction is a little like but only much worse than Californication.

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Sarah said...

It is indeed true that anyone can suffer from sex addiction regardless of gender, ethnicity, background, social status, etc. This is a very helpful post regarding this serious matter.