Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Predictions: Sean David Morton (audio)

Sean David; Veritas; Wisdom Quarterly
() 1 (5 parts) of 2 in a 3-hour interview. More at

In this riveting interview, an articulate, opinionated, frank, and politically and astrologically savvy Sean David Morton talks a mile a minute. But he packs every minute with dense details of startling revelations.

He appeared last night (on Lincoln's birthday, Feb. 12) in Los Angeles at the 2012 Conscious Life Expo bringing together so much information that there was no way to keep up.

The nuts and bolts of this interview are Morton's predictions for 2012 and his deep explanations behind the cover stories the media feeds us about what and why these things are happening.

What is happening to us? Have we reached the pinnacle of 16.4 billion years of human evolution on Earth [according to Mayan accounting]?

(2) B.S. Obama is a total fraud -- all we have heard is true and more.

The right side of our collective brain is being activated. We are moving into a phase of knowing, merging our halves, and of utilizing telepathy or its equivalent.

However, we have 10 major shock events ahead of us. These events will teach us in hours, minutes, and seconds what once took humanity thousands of years to learn.

(3) Crimes of Eric Holder, the presidential election, the Ron Paul threat

Major predictions for 2012

  • Feb. 8-9, expect a tsunami/earthquake on the US east coast.
  • March 17-22, more of the same.
  • May 20, a prophetic alignment of Sun and Moon brings enlightenment, next phase of human ascension.
  • May 26, a force of energy will bombard Earth, opening a gate to the right side of the brain.
  • June 8, expect vivid dreams, visions, ascension, widespread water catastrophe.
  • June 24-July 15, expect massive revolt, atomic bombs, chaos in the streets -- and a fully planned severe crackdown by the MIC (military-industrial complex) that has been using Iraq and Afghanistan as police paramilitary practice grounds for the suppression of civilian uprisings. (We are the civilians police departments all around the country have been preparing and gearing up for with military-grade equipment and tactics). The sky, astrologically, will resemble that of October 1929 [the devastating stock market crash].

Morton's post-2012 predictions

  • From now until 2025, everything is moving toward unity. What does not serve that purpose will fail, be destroyed, and rebuilt.
  • There is a case to be made that there is something bad on its way here, the race against time to fight off whatever it is accounting for untold amounts of missing federal money.
  • Expect conflict with the Chinese over Congo, relative to the rare earth mineral coltan.
  • Russia and USA will be in conflict over some islands in Alaska and near the Bering Sea.
  • The USA will morph into six political regions, a 13-state nation that includes western Canada and "what's left of Mexico." [The new money will be called the Amero when the greenback is made worthless.]
  • The USA will go to war with China by the end of the decade.